About me.

My name is Maxx, I make videos to teach and inspire people to pursue their passions and hobbies and live their lives to the fullest. These t-shirts are here to represent some of the past adventures you have been apart of by watching the YouTube channel. We are extremely excited to be able provide rad gear that you can rock on your next adventure. This community has been so amazing, through trial ands error and a lot of Maxxidents have taught us all a ton. I hope that you've been inspired by my videos and are making the of most life you can! Thank you all for your never ending support and encouragement for the channel. Looking forward to all the awesome gear we will be able to come up with through this outlet. The purchases you make feed right back into making adventure videos for you to enjoy! 
We are a small organization trying to make all of this happen for you guys (my family), unfortunately all sales are final. We are only able to fix changes if they are our error or requested before the print process takes place.

If you have never seen the channel and you're open to endless entertainment, check out my most recent video on the home page.
 Don't Forget to Live!
Thanks - Maxx